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Martial Arts Guide
Style: Duck Fist (Ya Quan)

Description: The origin of Ya Quan, or Duck Fist, is commonly attributed to a Taoist master of the Tang Dynasty who lived on Emei Mountain in Sichuan. The Taoist master, Liu Ya, raised ducks. It was through his careful observation of the ducks under his care that he became inspired to develop the style.

Despite its unusual appearance, Duck fist is recognized as an effective combat method. In fact, during the end of the Qing dynasty, one

of the most proficient fighters and professional bodyguards from the northern province of Liaoning, master Zhang Si Sun, was very famous for his devastating use of duck fist.

As its name implies, duck fist is another form of imitative boxing. The duck fist fighter waddles instead of walking. Yet this strange footwork conceals devastating kicks. The arms flap as well, which can be applied as defensive techniques similar to the styles of Crane fist. Today, Duck fist is a style particularly practiced in the provinces of Tianjin, Jilin, and around Tangshan.

Source: From Shaolin Temple to Bruce Lee - 100 Kungfu Styles of the Past Millennium by Gene Ching and Martha Burr, Kungfu Qigong Jan 2000 (C) 2000 Kungfu Qigong Magazine &, used by permission. 2001